Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coming off the bench

Lately I have had no motivation, no direction, no nothing when it came to sewing.  True I have been busy the past couple of months but in the beginning I was finding a little time here and there to whip up something.  Even with starting a new job, being more involved in my sorority, just being a super wife/daughter/friend/sister, I was still finding the time to sew.  And then suddenly it was all gone.  Why?  I destroyed the memory stick that held all of my sewing plans, data on my fabric purchases, as well as pictures for my portfolio, pattern wishlist, everything sewing related.  One minute it was sticking out of the side of my laptop, the next it was in pieces.  I was horrified.  It was all I could do not to cry. 

The pictures can easily be reproduced as I NEVER delete images from my camera memory card.  The spreadsheets and story boards are another story. 

So you know the bottom line calculation at the end of my posts?  Well I was able to do that because each and every time I bought a cut of fabric I noted it in this spreadsheet.  Yards purchased, price paid, a brief description, etc.  I even made notes on what garments I planned to sew with the fabric, any notes on fabric shortages/overages, etc.  You name it, I made note of it.  You would think that I would have backed up such an important file but sadly I did not.  I also saved pictures of every pattern I purchased.  That way I didn't have to rely on the website if the pattern were OOP.  All of my grand sewing plans for the year were on that memory stick and pooof gone in a flash. 

I've finally come to terms that I can't recover the files and trust me I've had every techie person I know including the Husband to try and nothing.  But I have to start again somewhere.  When I finally had enough courage to go in my studio yesterday, I noticed that butterick 5332 was sitting there all cut and pinned waiting to be stitched together.  I was calling my name, telling me it was time to come off the bench and get back in the sewing game.  So I sat down at my desk, turned on my machine and it was like I never left....