Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics...not as usual

It's quite obvious that the upcoming election is nothing short of historical. In our lifetime and all that jazz. I been keeping up with all the goings on and I tell you I'm not one to push my political beliefs on anyone but I must rant for a minute.

Let's go back to last week for the VP debate. Everyone kept saying all Palin had to do was show up. A tie was a win. Are you kidding me? Need I remind you she is one 72 years old heart attack/stroke/take your pick from being the Commander in Chief. And you want me to accept the idea that all she has to do is show up? Get outta here.

No wait, come back because I'm not done.

That had to be the most unprofessional display I have seen in quite sometime. As a woman I felt like she set us back 10 years. That down home talk and attitude does not impress me. Do you think any foreign leader will take you seriously if you ask to call them by their first name, don't enunciate your words, and crack lame jokes? NO! She of all people should know that women are held to a higher standard and what does she do. Get up there talking like an idiot.


Now on to her running mate. He has got to be the most disrespectful man I have ever seen. During the first debate he refused to even look at Obama or address him directly. Last night he refers to him as 'That One' and then talks about him like he's not even in the room. Are you kidding me? Do you think I can relate to your elitiest attitude and politics as usual. You come off as a phony who clearly gets frustrated when anyone challenges you. I can see you getting up and storming out of a meeting when someone disagrees. Grow up!
Now while I still believe that it will take some time for this country to recover and people start to feel at ease. But I'm taking my changes with Barack Obama.

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