Monday, November 17, 2008

Rookie Mistake

I can laugh at myself this morning but last night I was so mad at myself. I was so excited when I went to the store and picked up my pattern to start working on new look 6823. The weather is getting cool and I am finally motivated to start working on some cold weather pieces (that and I have way too many clothes already for the cruise to keep working on more). So anyway the pattern uses 5 or 6 pieces so my plan was to cut everything out, pin the darts and such and then sew it together tonight. Well I go to start pinning and realize that I didn't cut the front piece on the fold but rather on the selvage! For a hot minute I started trying to think of how to save it but I ordered the EXACT amount of fabric and there was no getting around this screw up. Then I got mad at myself, threw everything in the corner, and shut the door to my sewing room on my way out. And I never do that. Like I said, it's funny now but I was way past heated last night. Oh well it happens to us all I guess. I had planned on ordering some fabric for myself for Christmas so I'll just have to order another yard of the fabric I messed up on. Not that I need an excuse to order fabric ; )


Susan said...

I cut my argyle knit material (from Joann's) the wrong direction, so now it won't be argyle. lol. Also cut the 2 back pieces, but cut the right-side twice. No more fabric - so I have to do the back in black.

Long-story short, we all have these crafting bloopers. Can't wait to see your progress.

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Hey, another North Carolinian. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definitely be back to visit.