Thursday, February 4, 2010

February to do

Yay me for meeting my sewing goals for the month of January! So what's up for February?

First up is simplicity 2633. I am loving some of the version that I have seen so I want to see what I can do with it. I plan on doing the view with pleated sleeves and the neck band with flaps.

I want to make a pants suit as my BIG project for the month but we will see how that goes. Since I said I was going to make a pair of pants this year anyway and I am going to go ahead and try simplicity 2700. I am pretty confident after reading the reviews on PR that this is a good pants pattern to start with. For the jacket I am still looking at simplicity 2810. I am still undecided but I am leaning towards doing the view with the shawl collar and welt pockets.

To round out the month is B5248. I threw that in there in case I need to step away from the pants and/or jacket to keep my sanity, lol.

I would really love to finish V8480 but I am not banking on it. It's about 75% done but these sleeves are giving me a fit! (Clearly sleeves are my trouble spot right about now.)

Oh and to meet my goals for last month, I sat down and cut out all the projects over one or two nights. I did a little pinning between cutting so that when I was ready for construction I could essentially sit down and stitch away. It really help me stay focused and meet my goals knowing that I didn't have to do everything at once. I also didn't skip around between projects, which I am notorious for doing. It was made a little easier since I needed different color thread for each one. Hey whatever works right?

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Faye Lewis said...

Keep up the good work!