Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 23-Favorite vacation

Yikes, this was a tough one.  I guess my favorite up to this point was the Mediterranean cruise we took last winter.  Despite getting sick, I had a fantastic time.  Went went to Italy, Spain, Turkey, Malta, Greece, and Egypt.  We experienced all four seasons on this trip.  We had snow in Spain, summer heat and a sand storm in Egypt, crisp autumn in Turkey, and spring showers in Greece.  I was never so glad I overpacked, lol. 





Just cause :)


Dei said...

Wow. What an awesome trip! Isn't it a blessing to travel the globe and see the world and what's in it.

MAD14kt said...

Nothing like a GREAT vacation! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! Bought any fabrics/sewing item? hmmmm :)

Cennetta said...

Lucky lady. Beautiful pics.