Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pinterest and Ravelry Dump

I, like many others, have found countless DIY projects and inspiration on Pinterest and Ravelry.  I have convinced myself that it doesn't matter how many hours I spend pinning as long as I actually attempt/complete the project.  In most cases I have included the link to the pattern/inspiration but the pictures are of my own completed projects.

DIY Wrap Cardigan

These have become a staple in my maternity wardrobe.  Super easy to make and can be worn after babies.

Hospital Gown

I am probably only going to be doing this once so I may as well add some flair to it.  The picture doesn't include the ribbon for the waist sash but I've tossed it in the hospital bag.

Crocheted Baby Beanies

Car Seat Blanket/Cover

For Jelly's I used buttons to secure the straps to the handle

For Peanut Butter I used velcro.  

We will see over time which one holds up better and if necessary I can easily change it.

Adjustable Crib skirt

I added the center pleat to Jelly's but only on the side panels.

I omitted the pleat for PB as I figured it would get lost in the pattern

 Converted Maternity Pants

Super easy to do.  I have at least three pairs of khakis so no real sacrifice was made.  Luckily I am all belly so the pants didn't need any adjustments other than adding the band.

DIY Eye Mask
Because I can and do fall asleep anywhere these days.

Crocheted Ripple Blankets

Crcoheted Football and Hat

DH always joked that he would carry our kids like footballs.  I am just making it convenient and cute.

Crayon Area Rug

Short Sleeved Jacket

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