Monday, October 20, 2008

Sickness and Sharing


I hate being sick. I hate going to the doctor. I hate germs.

Working on a college campus does not help any of this. So of course when one of your students gets sick chances are you will too. And yep it happened. I was out most of last week with bronchitis.

So I'm back at work this morning and half of my department is walking around coughing and then touching the copier, my desk, my stapler, the list goes on. I now have my can of Lysol sitting prominently on my desk so it is clear to them that I feel that they are contagious and I am prepared for their onslaught of germs! Ha Ha! And me being me I don't feel bad about it at all.

The only upside to being shut in this weekend was that I had time to work on crocheting a scarf as well as cut on some fabric for my upcoming projects. I cut on V8021, B5243, and B5244. I plan to work on them this week with DH is on travel. I also should finish working on those dresses for my Auntie. It would be nice if I finished one outfit for her so she knows I haven't forgotten about her.

But truth is I prefer to sew for myself. I'm excited that I can get dressed up and go somewhere although I'm sitting at a desk most of the day. Besides I figure it's easier to practice on me then to have someone pay you to practice on them. So in my journey to think more of others I am working towards working 50/50 on projects for myself and others. We will see how that goes.

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