Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Brother!

I am seriously in love with my serger! It's a Brother 1034 and I keep thinking, what took me so long to buy one? It has cut my sewing time in half for a number of garments. Def a good way to get back into the sewing groove. I love how clean the insides of my garmets look and that rolled hem has been a life saver!

I finally got around to sewing Vogue 8379 which is easy and dare I say the perfect wrap dress! I hadn't even finished one version before I stopped to cut out another! I've promised myself I will stop (temporarily) at 3 and move on to something else. I've been in such a zone that I haven't even stopped to take pictures!

So this week I had made:
NL 6823 view A-rust matte jersey
V8379 view A-blue/black floral jersey
V8379 view B-purple/blue jersey
cut V8379 view A-turquoise matte jersey
cut M5323 view A-red crepe
cut out the pattern for M5752 view C-cream/black jersey

Hopefully I can knock out the top in time for dinner on Saturday. If it starts to take to long I will just finish up the turquoise wrap dress and call it a day.

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Sewuptight said...

Congrats on your new serger. I am saving for one right now. Is yours hard to thread?