Friday, March 20, 2009


It is definitely Spring! Even if the weather is the coolest it's been all week, the sun is out and I'm feeling good. I even put on a little make-up today and didn't even pack a pair of flats to run around campus in. I'm going to stroll in my heels all day!

My sewing mojo is back and I cut out B5242 view A in a soft purple and started cutting V8379 in a fabulous coral knit. I know I said I was going to retire that pattern but it's too good to let go right now. I plan to knock out both of these dresses this weekend while watching NCAA hoops. I'm also taking my younger sister shopping for a prom dress. I still cna't believe that girl is almost 17! Anyway she was kind enough to let me know that I can make her prom dress next year. How thoughtful...

Anyway I'm on the hunt for a new maxi dress pattern. I really enjoyed sewing S3803 last year but I want something different this season.

I want this pattern next time vogue's are on sale.....

I guess I should get back to work, especially since I am leaving early today. Have a fabulous weekend!

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