Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bottom Line Calculation

I have received a few emails and comments on the recent 'Bottom Line' addition to the end of my posts. I decided to start doing that because I see on a lot of other blogs and message boards different discussions about whether or not sewing is less expensive than buying off the rack. In some cases it is but not always. Speaking for myself I sew because I enjoy making my own clothes. I have the patience and the ability to learn the craft and the journey is one that I am enjoying immensely.
I recall when I first started out, I knew to only buy patterns on sale and to look for coupons and sales on fabric, notions, etc. I developed a size-able stash of fabrics that I purchased just because they were on sale and had no idea what to use them for. I don't really want to think about how much money that I spent doing that.
As I have continue to get better at sewing and other crafts, I am making an effort to keep track of how much I spend on fabrics, yarn, etc. Not to justify the cost or weigh the pros and cons of sewing but just to give my readers an idea of what it cost me to make certain things. Sewing can be rewarding and gratifying but for some on a limited budget I think it is important to know that it can cost you as little or as much as you want it to.
You may also have seen my sewing plans from a few posts back. I am very much a visual learner and I found this to be very helpful as I laid out my sewing plans for the next few weeks. This has also been good as it is making me think twice before buying some fabric that catches my eye. I have been doing well with sewing from my stash but I don't want it to get as bad as it was at one point.
So to sum up a long post, my decision to add the 'Bottom Line' to my posts started out being just for me but I am glad that others are enjoying it as well.

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Trudy Callan said...

You have a great blog. I'd love for you to come and visit my blog. I just made a Vintage Vogue Original 1944 Design, V2858. On the previous page you'll find a dress I made from an original 1974 pattern that I found in an antique store. I call that post The Lady in Lavender. And lots of other things in between. Hope you enjoy.