Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Patterns

So new patterns from McCall are out and I only saw a couple that caught my eye.

I adore the ruffled neckline on a view C. It reminds me of this top I made.

I really like the twist on the wrap dress with this one but I will never understand why they put a zipper on knit dresses. Vogue 8379 wore me out (I stopped counting after 3) but this pattern is still in the maybe column.

I kept looking at this pattern because I felt like I had seen it somewhere before. Then I realized that view B on the envelope looks just like a dress that Melanie wore on 'The Game' when she and Derwin hosted a dinner party (still looking for a pic). The color also reminds me of the dress Carrie wore in SATC when she hosted Charlotte's baby shower.

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Adrienne said...

I don't for the LIFE of me, understand zippers in