Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I look cute today

At least I think so. Looking good and feeling good after a 3-day weekend. I haven't posted any of my creations lately but I felt the need to post something so here I am in all my fabulous-ness.

I don't yet have the courage to attempt making such a top but McCall 5929 or Butterick 5284 would be great patterns to use if I did. I picked this top up from Dots on the clearance rack for $6. The skirt is part of a suit that is now too big. I just hiked the skirt up and cinched it with a wide black belt that I got from Ross for $3. Rounding out the outfit are my Carrie Guess Pumps. Overall I think I did a great job pulling these pieces together.


Adrienne said...

You look great girl!

Sheila said...

Great outfit and fabulous-ness makes any day a great one.