Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Plans

I have started to shift towards planning my fall/winter wardrobe. I know I am late but hey....
Anyway, I have laid out a plan to meet my goal of making 50% of my wardrobe for the upcoming seasons. Part of that it to make simple wardrobe staples likes pants and skirts and interchangeable tops. I have already planned out one set revolving around a lightweight grey suiting that I picked up recently. It will be fairly easy to change out tops for different looks. Here is what I have so far:

Most, if not all of the focal pieces, will be in the grey suiting. I already have a white dress shirt as well as some basic knit tops to add to the mix.

I have a similar plan with a medium-weight navy twill:

There are a couple of other sportswear jackets and tunics that I have my eye on but no concrete plans yet.
Currently I am beginning work on B4657 for a wedding that is in mid September. I have already cut it out in a deep burgundy georgette. There are only a couple of reviews on PR that say it is time consuming and takes a great deal of patience. I already have a fall back plan in V8574 in this print:

When I purchased the fabric I was going to make view B which is the longer version but I decided to go with the shorter version and use the remaining fabric to make a top.