Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop the Presses!!!

Here it is the middle of October and it is a mere 52 degrees out today. Seriously it was in the mid 70's only two days ago! I've been busy lately and my sewing mojo is all but non-existent. I have been crocheting though which is helping keep my craft quota on track but other than that I've been like yeah I'll get to stitching something eventually. I've also been super duper lazy and haven't really worked out but I have been doing some rearranging/decorating and going up and down the stairs has counted in my book.

But back to the original point of this post. Our 3 year anniversary is 23 days away and I had not even begun to think about what I was going to wear to dinner! That is unacceptable! It's our tradition that we eat fondue on our anniversary because after he proposed we went to a place called Dip's in Manhattan to celebrate. These days The Melting Pot is an adequate substitute and while it's nothing fancy we love going and look forward to it. At any rate this morning I went through my patterns to figure out what I would make to wear and also start thinking about a birthday dress as well.

I decided on two patterns and I already have fabric for both of them so it makes it even better and more likely that I will finish them. I'm not sure which will be the A-day dress and which will be the B-day dress but I'm sure it will be fine either way. I'm really loving McCall's 5974 because I mean really who doesn't love a perfect knit dress? I've seen a couple of reviews on PR already and from what I've seen it's a fabulous sew. I'm going to use a cream/black knit that I picked up last year because it was too good to pass on.

The other option is McCall's 5973. For that I am going to use a floral print charmeuse that I adore. It reminds me of a fabric for a kimono and since I am making the version with the elbow length sleeves I figured it will be perfect.

Lunch is over so I'm back to work but I'm so glad it's almost Friday! Have a good one!

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