Monday, September 27, 2010

Am I crazy?

Ok let me rephrase the question.  Am I too ambitious for wanting to sew this dress?

It is Vogue 1030 and I absolutely love the style.  It has 3 reviews on PR which have produced great if not time consuming results. 

Ok let me back up...
One of my best friends is getting married next Septmeber and she is allowing her bridal party to pick, or in my case make, whatever dress they want as long as the fabric colors are roughly the same.  Each bridesmaid has already started to claim a style and when I saw this dress below I knew that was the style I wanted to wear.  My hair will be long enough by then for me to blow it out and slick it back into a bun which I think will be fitting for this style dress.  The dress is by Alfred Sung and is style D467.

When I was looking for patterns that were similar to the dress above, I first saw this one by Cynthia Rowley which has gotten rave reviews on PR.  It is definitely much closer to the Alfred Sung dress than the Vogue pattern but it is really bridesmaid material?

Going back to the vogue dress, I will be honest and say that I already know I would have to make a few changes to it.  One it will be a church wedding and I am a large cup size so the deep cut open neckline would be closed up tight and I would also shorten the back hem so the train isn't as long.  For the Cynthia Rowley version I would make the full length version but would make some modifications to the bodice so it is more fitted. 

Honestly, what do you think? 


Sue said...

I think the Vogue pattern is much nicer than the Cynthia Rowley one but a lot more work. The Alfred Sung style is nice too. I guess it depends a little on what the other bridesmaids are wearing. You want to work together in similar style and not be too completely different, I'm presuming? I like the floaty chiffon skirt of the Vogue pattern, the long, straight skirt is very formal and elegant. When is the wedding and what time of year? That would push me in one direction or the other. Just don't outshine the bride ... lol

Sewtellme said...

I love them both and have both patterns. I made the Cynthia Rowley dress last christmas and have the review posted on PR. I think if you left the pockets off and depending on your fabric choice the longer length Cynthia Rowley dress would make an excellent bridesmaids dress. I too have a larger bust so I did do a FBA but the dress was very comfortable, wears very well and was a quick sew. I haven't been brave enough to tackle the Vogue version yet but I think either one would make a great choice. I can't wait to see it.