Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 4-Your parents

My parents are like night and day and were very young when I was born, but they have never been ashamed of that and neither have I.  Unfortunately I do not have much of a relationship with my father-his choice, not mine-but I really lucked out in the Mommy department because she is awesome.  OH HOW I LOVE THAT WOMAN.  Ya’ll don’t understand.  I will argue until I am pink, purple, blue, green, and red in the face about how a parent can be their child’s best friend and still have boundaries and a respectful relationship.  She sacrificed so much to make sure me and my sister never went without.  I am so thankful everyday that I can provide for her just like she provided for us. This is the same woman who I could drunk dial when I got a bit tipsy in college and she never batted an eye or scolded me.  The same woman who would drive 2.5 hours each way when I was in college just so I could smell her.  The same woman who will let me climb into her bed now and cry on her pillow just because I need to release.  The same woman who never missed a volleyball, basketball, softball, or soccer game that I played in, despite working two jobs.  I am so thankful I can call her my Mommy, my first best friend, and the older sister I never had.  Some of my most memorable moments involve her.  Ok I'm going to call my Mommy now.

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Jada said...

That is so sweet! I know she love reading this post!