Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 5-Your siblings

Every now and again there is a blog post that mentions my baby sister.  I had to stop referring to her as my little sister a long long time ago because she is both taller and bigger than me.  I remember being in college and telling a friend of mine that my little sister was coming to visit.  When she came to my room and baby sis was there, she was so confused because she was expecting a little little sister.  What she got was baby sister who towered over us both, lol.

Here we are eating dinner the first time she tried sushi

Baby sis and I are about 9 1/2 years apart but we get along very well.  She often refers to me as Momma #2 and I don't mind one bit. There have been times where she will call and talk to me about something and not our Mommy because she feels more comfortable.  For awhile I think that bothered Mommy but she got over it because she was glad baby sis was at least talking to someone about her troubles.

A throw back pic and one of the view pieces of evidence confirming I used to be taller than her

Baby Sis and I have had our differences but at the end of the day we are still sisters and I love that girl to pieces.

Three peas in a pod at baby sister's graduation

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Carla(LoverofWords) said...

Aww how sweet. I have a little sister too that is taller and bigger than myself. I am 12 years older than her and she is my baby.
She is 21 now so we have our battles but the love of a sister is a beautiful thing and I always got her back.