Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 8-A place you have traveled to

I made this one harder than it needed to be.  We have traveled a lot of places and I couldn't decide which one to post about.  I ended up choosing Costa Rica since it was the first big trip that DH and I took after we got married (aside from the honeymoon).  It was definitely an adventure vacation.  We did lots of hiking, ziplined over the cloud forest, went horseback riding, saw monkeys, sloths, spider, lizards, and lots of other creatures, and DH also celebrated a birthday while we were there.  Here are some highlights:

Here we are getting ready to zipline over the cloud forest in Monteverde

Here we are deep in the cloud forest on a hike

Amazing view of the cloud forest

View from our hotel room in Arenal

My DH riding a horse, never thought I'd see that

View from our hotel room in Manuel Antonio

WARNING: Very large spider about to appear

I really really don't like snakes but I got up close and personal with a spider to take this picture.  What is wrong with me, lol


Jada said...

Beautiful pics!

Myra said...

Nice vacation photos! You are very brave my dear...what if that was a jumping spider!!! :)