Monday, November 1, 2010

What would you do?

I love love doing stuff for others.  DH and I are fortunate to be where we are but have never forgotten the poor roots we started with.  I volunteer throughout the year with various organizations but I occassionally have the opportunity to do the unexpected for someone close to me.

Have you ever seen that commercial that starts out with the lady putting her arm up to prevent the guy from walking out into traffic and getting hit by a car?  Then he in turn does something for someone else and so on, you know basically paying it forward.  BTW, Pay It Forward was a great movie.

Anyway I had an opportunity to spend time with some Sorors this past weekend who I had not met before.  When I walked in one of them complimented me on my Autumn Scarf.  We got into a discussion about how her mother had tried to teach her to crochet years ago and she forgot but that she really wanted to pick it up again.  Without hesitation I said, "Well here is some motivation" and I put the scarf around her neck.  She asked if I was letting her borrow it and I replied, "No, I am giving it to you."  She was floored but I didn't think twice about it.  She is my Soror but when I thought about it I would have given the scarf to a complete stranger.

Me giving her the scarf led to a discussion about the other random acts of kindness that we each have done.  I remember seeing a homeless guy on the corner one day and he wasn't asking for money just food.  All I had in the car was half a roll of crackers and I immediately rolled down the window and handed them to him.  He replied "God Bless You" and I responded "Everyday".  I started crying before I rolled the window back up because to me those crackers were a snack that I took for granted but to him they were possibly the only thing he would have to eat for days.

So as my 30 day challenge continues, I ask what acts of kindness, random or otherwise, have you done that have left an impression on you?

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