Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Now for a post not related to sewing....but then kind of

So this time next week DH and I will be cruising the Caribbean and I am so excited! I ended up only making a few pieces to wear while we are gone since it turned out to be more of a relaxing/lounge by the pool/don't always get off the ship while in port kind of trip. So there wasn't a need to (over) pack a fabulous wardrobe. Now I know I just said this is supposed to be a relaxing trip so imagine my surprise when DH says to me he wants to hop on an ATV in Jamaica! Um, ok Love, let's go! But really I'm still in shock and half expecting him to change his mind between now and when we leave on Sunday. I'm packing my goggles just in case.

I was also very excited to decorate our home for Christmas this year. Decorations are sparse with a simple prelit tree with a few ornaments, some garland and red bows on the fireplace, stair banister, and front door wreath, but you best believe I will be hitting up the stores after Christmas and Gray Manor will be oh so fabulous next Decemeber!
I ended up making a wreath from items picked up at the dollar store just because I refused to pay $40 for something I could make for $4. That and I know I can buy that same wreath for $5 in just a few weeks. I wouldn't have bothered with putting up more than a few things but the family wants to eat at our house this year. I don't mind hosting, I love it actually, and thus I kick into 'Susie Homemaker Overdrive'. I don't see anything wrong with it since I love the flow of creative juices, but DH thinks I stress myself out. I simply remind him how fabulous our destination wedding turned out and how much money I saved us by being Susie Homemaker and he leaves me alone. : )

Not sure if another post will make it up before we depart but how a wonderful and safe week and I'll see you when I return!

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Opal said...

Have a safe and fun trip.... Bring me back some warmth and sunshine....lol....