Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

My first post of the new year! Wow 2009 is here...where does the time go? The past few weeks were busy yet filled with good times, laughter, and family.

The cruise was amazing! It was so good to get away and enjoy some sunshine and relax with the hubby. We enjoyed Cozumel the most but Grand Cayman was a close second. Jamaica not so much but that's another story.

I also needed to keep my hands busy on the cruise and I managed to finish a scarf and a hat. That was an accomplishment for me since it usually takes forever(a year) to finish a crochet project. I'll post pics eventually. I also made a hat for DH since he lost his (yet again). It was a simple black beanie but he loves it and now wants one in Cardinal Red and Steel Gray which are apparently the official colors of his alma mater MIT.

Christmas was interesting. My mom and sister spent the night and we got up around 7:30am and opened presents. Yes we are all big kids. Everyone had several gifts and were very happy with what they got. There was some fantastic surprises and I got some good pics with big ole' cheesy grins. All was quiet for a few hours and then the craziness began. There were some 25 people at our house, which included some unexpected guests. I refused to let drama invade the holiday so we kept the peace and the respective parties in separate parts of the house. I was exhausted afterwards but I got my wish-a house full of family and friends.

We hadn't really made any plans for New Year's and in the end decided to spend it at home. It may sound uneventful but it was great. Ringing in the new year in the new house was just as it should be.

We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris on Saturday for date night and it was sooo goooood. Ruth's Chris is pricey but a good place to go for atmosphere and a special occassion. There was not a single thing on my plate that was not fabulous. And dessert-OMG! They brought us the sinful chocolate cake on the house since we were celebrating my birthday late and we also ordered the apple tart cake. That thing was huge but it was so good I wanted to slap my mama. We ended up wrapping it up since we were so stuffed but finished it later that night at home.

That pretty much sums up the past few weeks for me.....

On the sewing front I am working an view A of New Look 6823 as well as view D of Mccall's 5271. After they are complete I am not sewing anything else for myself until after I finish a dress and jacket for my auntie. That should motivate me to finish something for someone else huh?

Here's to a Fantastic 2009!

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