Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you in tune with your star player?

Do you know your limits? Do you know your strengths and weakness and are willing to admit them? Do you admit defeat? Do you admit when you are wrong? Do you push yourself? Do you?
Katt Williams, controversial as he may be, certainly gives you food for thought. You have to be in tune with your star player.

I did (finally) manage to finish B5242 and as soon as I find my memory card reader thing I will post pics. Oh yeah and pics of my hair too. I will also post a full pattern review but overall I liked it. I did a lot of work on NL 6802 but didn't quite finish it. I think I had hit my sewing limit after doing more cutting and sewing and figured I should stop while I was ahead.

Application was accepted...I'm on my way....Got to get my game face on because it's game time!

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LoverofWords said...

You know something Jayme, I loved that part of his show because as funny as it was the truth in his words were evident. I am always telling people around me that nobody but God loves me more than I love myself. I know what makes me happy, sad, angry and so on. I will not sacrifice my happiness just so someone else won't be jealous or whatever.

By the way, I am Carla and I read your blog on a regular basis.