Thursday, April 9, 2009

I could have made this!

Ok in all seriousness this dress is a few yards of jersey and some charmeuse fabric and David's Bridal is charging $145 for it. How easy would this be to make? I'm ranting because this is the bridesmaids dress that I have to wear for a wedding in a couple of months. Don't get me wrong it's pretty and all but I could have cranked this out in no time. Well once I was in a sewing and not just cutting mood. I was tempted to tell the bride I would make my own but I didn' feel like having to hunt down the right shades of fabric so I wasn't sticking out.....but I thought about it! You better believe I will be wearing this dress several times before donating it to charity. I've already told my DH we are going to some fancy dinners so he better get over it and start making reservations, LOL! Anyway since it is such a simple, yet stylish dress, I know I can do my own alterations. A few inches off the hem and take it some on the sides so it fall well and I'm straight.

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